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I attended the 2019 QuakeCoRE Annual Meeting

The 2019 QuakeCoRE Annual Meeting was held in Nelson, New Zealand.

Researchers from different backgrounds were celebrating their achievements and planning for the future.

The topics are earthquakes, community resilience, etc.

The is one of the most enjoyable conferences I've ever attended. I witnessed amazing Maori culture.

I was invited by Prof. Ellen Rathje to give a presentation on Machine Learning at the DesignSafe-QuakeCoRE CyberInfrastructure Workshop. I demonstrated a recent project of SimCenter: we use ML/DL to create large scale building inventories, which seemed to arouse broad interests of the natural hazards research community:


Some photos:

Left: me standing in front of SimCenter poster; Right: Prof. Boulanger, Prof. Rathje and me:

quakecore-meeting professors

Left: Prof. Bradley and me; Right: Dr. Dempsey and me:

brendon david


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